Friday, October 11, 2013

Great quotes

"Beloved, God is not a cosmic vending machine!" - Ron Hembree

"I was invited to a gathering one time, where their brochure announced there would be a worship leader demonstrating radical worship... the term "radical worship" did cause me to think of a couple of instances in the Bible which I would describe as being radical worship. Job, a righteous man, afflicted by Satan with God´s permission so that he lost almost everything, and was afflicted with a very severe skin disease and sat in a pile of ashes, worshipping God. I would call that very radical." -George H. Warnock

"You dedicate and then God consecrates." - Keith Daniel

 "Men tell us they were thrilled when John Hyde prayed. They were stirred to their inmost being when he just pleaded the name "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" and a baptisim of love and power came upon them. But it was not John Hyde: it was the Holy Spirit of God whom one consecrated man, filled with that Spirit, brought down upon all around him. May we not all become "Praying Hydes"?' - Anonymous

 "If no immediate choice has to be made, one should wait. The Lord orders our stops as well as our steps. When the time comes that a decision must be made, one can proceed in the direction that seems best. As you conscientiously seek His guidance, He will not let you make a wrong choice." - George Mueller

 "A soul-winner can do nothing without God. He must cast himself on the Invisible, or be a laughing-stock to the devil, who regards with utter disdain all who think to subdue human nature with mere words and arguments." - Charles Spurgeon