Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to truth as I see it

This will be a repository of all my views on a few subjects. I want to have a simple link to a site where I can send people to read rather than repeat in emails. Makes sense (to me at least). There are many things that distract everyone everyday...all driven by the black box in your 'living room' (or your propaganda room). Do you live there? If so, there is more to life than listening to state-sanctioned propaganda on a mass scale. Get out & search the truth yourself. My self-discovery began many years ago. Little did I know that was not me! I continue & seek truth as I see it, backed by scripture.

Welcome to the may find the blue pill or the red pill here. Either way you are already in the matrix. What you choose as your opinion is yours alone. You live with it. As do I.

See you on the inside


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